Rhythmic Placing

Listening to the snare drum in the quieter bits in this recording (e.g. around 20 sec. in):
This is not sloppy playing, but a deliberate, and fascinating, offset. We all too often forget these kind of nuances - things that happen in-between the beats and that are difficult to capture and analyse.


Electronic Music - not so very new

120years.net provides a wealth of information on developments in electronic music. 
"The focus of this project is in exploring the main themes of electronic instrument design and development previous to 1970 (and therefore isn’t intended as an exhaustive list of recent commercial synthesisers or software packages.) As well as creating a free, encyclopaedic, pedagogical resource on the History of Electronic Music"


Purcell What power art thou

The chromatic motion is in the vocal line combined with the pulse to a unique result:




Percussion instruments

Here are some examples of (mostly) unpitched percussion instruments. And here is a list of some of the more common used unpitched percussions.


Is there no musical repetition here

While there are no note-pattern repetitions in here, when listening to this - as music - I hear repeated ideas. An appoggiatura (short-long) motif is heard multiple times, as is the upward motion through the keyboard.
This is a neat illustration of the problem of identifying music with its notation. Equating music with a sequence of note onsets, because this is how it looks on the page.